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There are not enough words to describe how much I love my new Waterfall. I wanted a waterfall and instead got the most amazing water feature I could have ever imagined. The waterfall looks like it has been there for years instead of months and looks completely natural.

Trevor and his crew were very professional and a delight to work with. He gave me a time frame and cost and did exactly what he said he was going to do. Trevor only uses the best materials that will last a Lifetime. He also designs a system that is environmentally friendly.

I could not be happier with the results and would definitely use Trevor and his Company again.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Mary Ann Radke” subtitle=”Harbor Island, SC” link=”http://www.friends-of-hunting-island-sc.org/” website=”Friends of Hunting Island State Park”]

Island Garden Features performed functions not included in the price to help the friends of Hunting Island State Park, SC ~ Greatly appreciated!

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Paula Loftis” subtitle=”Beaufort, SC”]

Trevor has an excellent knowledge base in ponds, waterfall, aquatic life, plants, and the maintenance of the pond and its inhabitants. I always enjoy his visits and learn from him.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Houzz Client lvl0414″ subtitle=”June 2014″]

Trevor installed two gorgeous water features at our home. He is extremely professional, incredibly dependable and truly artistic! We have two of his creations and enjoy them everyday! I would highly recommend him!

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Houzz Client jimlynn2″ subtitle=”August 2007″]

My wife and I wanted to make a Koi pond out of a natural wet/dry pond in the back yard. Friends recommended we contact Trevor Strever for an estimate. Trevor was very accommodative on the phone and came out the next day. Unfortunately at the time he didn’t think much of my great plan. Instead he convinced us the best place for the pond was right off the back porch of our new house. From the porch above we would get the best view and could easily access and maintain the pond. A week later he and his crew had competed the job and have continued to do periodic maintenance for the past seven years.

They designed the pond; dug it; lined it; landscaped it and we wouldn’t change a thing.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Ann Baruch” subtitle=”Okatie, SC”]

Trevor Strever is trustworthy, creative, and reliable. He did a great job with the construction of my waterfall and pond and continues to do a great job for me.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Leslie Thomoson” subtitle=”Saint Helena Island, SC”]

We are so happy with the pond that Trevor built for us about 5 years ago. The plants have come in beautifully. We wish we had made it twice the size!!! We have only had to replace one light and the pump in 5 years and Trevor was right on it! His selection of plants and surrounding vegetation was perfect for the area. I would recommend Trevor wholeheartedly. Thanks!

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Houzz Client madatme” subtitle=”June 2011″]

I am a distributor who services this company. He has become a Certified Aquascape Contractor. I have been to several water features build by Trevor they are exceptional. He is truly an artist and I respect him and his work ethic and the beauty of what he creates. I highly recommend this company to do any water feature.